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Ben 10 was created by Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, and Steven T. Seagle known collectively as "Man of Action". The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn 2D creation produced by Cartoon Network and debuted in 2005.

When Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max go camping during their summer vacation, Ben stumbles upon the mysterious Omnitrix. This watch-like alien item attaches itself to his wrist. It was originally created by Azmuth to store the DNA of all alien species. It would then bond to the wearer's own DNA molecules and transform them into the appropriate species allowing all races to better understand each other ... literally. To keep from those using it as a potential weapon, as the wearer inherits all the species' powers and abilities, certain precautionary measures were programmed into it including changing into the wrong alien and sustaining the transformation for only 10 minutes. Those who know how to use the Omnitrix properly can change at will instead of dialing the device.

Ben meets all sorts of aliens on his unanticipated hero quest. Vilgax is his chief enemy and wishes to use the Omnitrix's power to control the universe. Kevin Levin (Kevin 11) is a mutant that harbored ill will towards Ben when he accidentally comes into contact with the Omnitrix. Since Kevin is a mutant he can absorb energy or the properties of any solid object. Kevin and Max are plumbers, government agents sent to deal with extraterrestrial aliens. Although Kevin is a rogue and fights on the side of Vilgax, he later joins the teenage hero group but still keeps his own profit faring agenda.

Original Ten Alien Forms


Additional Alien Forms

Grey Matter




Eye Guy
Way Big

Trivia: Andy Sturmer wrote the catchy theme song and is performed by Jeanette Keim's lollipop rock band called Moxy. Feel free to look around a bit.

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